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Content creation

After Google Updates Panda and Penguin, content creation moved into the center of attention. “Content is king” is a long know catch phrase in SEO. On nearly every blog you can read at least one article on that topic. And everyone tells you the same: you have to have great content for SEO and for your visitors. Many stress that high quality content is most important in those days after Panda and Penguin had struck. And it seems many bloggers stick to those recommendations and started (or continued) producing great, high quality content.

I am always looking for nice blogs with interesting articles. Often I find myself on several blogs at the same time (with 10+ tabs open in my browser of course). And guess what – the articles on all those blogs sound the same, discuss the same and come to the same conclusions. And then again there are those rare moments when I find some really great posts that make me stick to a site and brows through it completely. Those rare moments are cause by some extraordinary, out-of-the-box, creative content.

The reason why I go back and visit those blogs on a regular basis is only one: I know that when I go there I will find some stuff that I haven’t read on any other blog I visited that day. Hence the importance of content creation – it makes your visitors come back!


The similarities between the words “creative” and “creation” are no coincidence. Bringing something to life out of a big fat nothing naturally needs a lot of creativity. I mean, having a blank page in front of you and trying to fill it with a great article accounts for quite some creative effort. I imagine being a painter much easier than being an online creative writer. Covering topics that have been discussed over and over is anything but easy. But just as a painter can find inspiration in anything and everything out there, you as an online creative writer can find the same even in the dullest articles out there. For what it’s worth: a dull article can at least teach you how you should NOT do your content creation ;)

Online creative content writing

One advice that is almost guaranteed to be given on each website is: “think out of the box”. Now, I think it is some great piece of advice. But how exactly does one think out of the box?? When I read this tip I always wonder why people can’t be more specific.

Well, basically we are encouraged to think out of the ordinary. That is how online creative writing starts. First you should define the box, though. What would be considered the ordinary and then change it into something abstract. I know this advice also seems theoretical. So I was wrecking my brain to come up with some great example. In an extreme way, thinking out of the box can lead to doing things 100% opposite of how they are usually done. Please don’t get me wrong here – I am NOT saying you should do black hat SEO just because white wat SEO is how it should be done. No! Just think out of the ordinary within given guidelines.

Real life experiences

What I find a great idea concerning creative content creation is the following: use real-life experience and transform it into an online experiment. Don’t stray too far from what people know. Simply adapt the known in a way they haven’t yet experienced it. A simple walk to the supermarket can turn into the basic experience that is used to portray a complex search engine optimization technique.

For instance, if you intent to write about “Why you need SEO”, you can relate it to a shopping experience at Pick’n’Pay, Woolworths, or wherever. How do people search? They look for what is most visible to them and buy that. And voila: here you have the reason, why SEO is important. If you are on top of the search results (which is the main goal of all SEO efforts), you are more visible than on you would be on page 2, 3 or 4. Ergo, people will most likely “put you in their shopping cart” (which means they’ll click on your website).

Choose a unique angle

This is related to thinking out of the box. When you write about something try to choose a different angle (preferably one that no one has chosen yet). If you want to write about link building techniques, why not choose the view of one of the updates? Ok, this might be farfetched, but you get the idea, right? This technique is tricky though, because you have to make sure not to become a story teller. Stay factual, but shift the angle. Stay on topic and don’t allow your article to drift into the category “ridiculous”.

Creat(iv)e a Game!

There are many games that we all used to play as children. Now it is time to get their manuals out of the basement and put them into action – online! This particular idea is not just a creative way for content creation; it also works as a link bait. But be aware: any game needs a winner and a winner needs a prize. Provide some kind of incentive to encourage participation. However; this idea might not work in any niche and with any target group. So be sure to make the decision wisely, whether or not games can help you create content, user engagement and back links. In a worst case scenario this approach might make you look ridiculous to your target audience.

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