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In 2012 Google released some wild updates. The major ones are called “Penguin” and “Panda”. They cause a lot of trouble for many webmasters. Techniques that always used to work just fine were now punished and website rankings fell tremendously. The main areas that needed improvement after Panda and Penguin were content and back link profiles. Penguin especially affected websites with unnatural link profiles.

Concerning link profiles link texts and placements had to be revised. Quality has always been more important than quantity, but only after penguin webmasters really felt the pressure to abide by this guideline.

A healthy link profile post Penguin

Graph with diversified link texts

* Link profiles have to be diversified now. Many SEOs built links only with main keywords as anchor texts. This technique resulted in major damage to websites rankings. Rather than plain keyword links you should use generic link texts (such as “click here”), naked URLs (like and brand links (e.g. “OnlineCreative19”).

Graph with diversified link types

* Having a natural link profile is the key – and that means having not only diversified link texts, but more importantly having diversified link types and sources. That includes DoFollow as well as NoFollow, high PageRank as well as low PageRank sites. Social media links became increasingly important in this context, too.

Link sources

* As for diversified link sources it is important to have different type of websites linking to your page. Don’t bild a link profile solely based on social bookmark or web directory links. Try to get as many different types of sites linking to you as possible, e.g. blogs, Q&A sites, news sites, etc… And don’t forget to choose different link texts and types from these different sources!

One more thing to pay attention to when it comes to link sources: try to find the different types of sites in topically related areas. A back link should naturally belong where it is placed.


Building a healthy link profile has become more “natural” than it used to be. Post penguin your links should look like they really truly belong in the context that they are placed in. So, building NATURAL link profiles is the key to a successful link building post penguin.

*these are visualizations and not accurate concerning the actual share of each option

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