Social SEO – a winning team

What happens when Social Media and SEO get married?? – Social SEO. The merger of two essential components in the online marketing opens up new possibilities as well as challenges for a successful online marketing strategy.

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Social SEO

Social media meets SEO

For long it is has been known that online marketing has to be integrated in the (offline) marketing strategy. Together they covered a wide audience. Now we have to get used to the fact that there is more to be considered. Online marketing has become more than mere e-mail marketing and newsletter advertising. Through social media platforms, such as facebook, the door to more opportunities has been pushed wide open. A company brave enough to step through that door might find a stumbling challenge. E-mail marketing has been a one way road mainly. Social media however is the highway of communication with several lanes in all directions. Marketing officials now find themselves in a position where they have to watch unfiltered word-of-mouth propaganda spreading rapidly through social media networks.

Social SEO enters the scene

The average facebook user has 190 friends ( In a time before facebook a dissatisfied customer might have told 5 friends about a bad experience. Now 190 friends can hear the news within a blink of an eye. All it takes is one click or one comment. Once the word is out in the social media world, it is really out. Professional social media marketing can help prevent a situation in which negative headlines spread uncontrollably. For that, providing interesting content on company profiles as well as monitoring and responding to customer feedback on a regular basis is vital.

But not only word-of-mouth (affiliate marketing) is an important ingredient in the mix to succeeding in the corporate (online) world.

SEO goes social

SEO is aimed at achieving good rankings within organic search results. For that third party recommendations (backlinks) are essential. And just as in the non-virtual world some recommendations are worth more than others. Links and shares in social networks ARE the type of recommendation that counts. Social media marketing should provide quality content in social media platforms. Integrating SEO in the process leads to optimizing this content to a maximum search engine friendliness as well as generating links from it.

Though social SEO is the combination of the more technical aspects of SEO and the more sensitive social media marketing (which seems like mixing black and white – bringing together two opposites), they are a winning team. Both operate on the same core concept: Bringing relevant and quality content to the user and thus making social SEO a successful combination.

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